Interview with Footbag Hall of Fame Member Ken “Kenny” Shults, Star of Tricks of the Trade 1 and 2

Ken Shults 02This is the first of hopefully many more to come with Footbag Hall of Fame members that contributed to the history and creation of the sport we all love and cherish, Footbag!

Ken Shults is the star of Tricks of the Trade 1 and Tricks of the Trade 2, the first instructional videos focused on teaching the original moves of Footbag. These videos were created by World Footbag back in the early days of the sport, and Ken was nice enough to work on the project with us to make it a high-quality production that still holds up in today’s digital age.  Though some of the moves have new names, the principles of how to execute them perfectly every time remain the same.

In today’s modern generation it’s easy to reference the ever-popular hacky sack circle, and more advanced players will know the basic moves of footbag involving stalls. But try to imagine a world where the first toe stall has never occurred. People go to competition and seek to get the most kicks. Frisbee and Hoola Hoops dominate the alternative sports scene. This is the world Ken Shults entered into when he got his first footbag for Christmas one year. The rest is history.

 This is Ken’s story: