World Footbag Sponsors High-School, Senior Project for Oregon Youth

World Footbag has a long history of working with schools to promote the sport of Footbag.

While we’ve scaled back our direct efforts in recent years, that doesn’t mean we won’t continue to support schools and students in the various ways we find along our journey here at World Footbag. Recently we were approached by a senior from Independence, OR about sponsoring his senior project. We were delighted to receive the request, and even more delighted when we got back photos and a story about how our bags were put to use for this student’s project!

Here is Druw’s story:

My name is Druw Martinez I live in Independence, Oregon. I attend Central High School, as a graduation requirement every senior at Central must complete and pass a senior project. My senior project was Dr. Seuss Day at Henry Hill Elementary School.

I had two partners in this project Brittney and Gloria. My main focus on the project was fundraising all the money needed for the supplies, food, books and whatever other materials we may need to make a grand Dr. Seuss Day for not the only the students of Henry Hill Elementary School, but also the whole community. I recently got into footbags and it quickly grew more popular with my friends and other people at my high school. We play during passing periods, lunch, after school, and during our no classes.

During the fundraising for my project I thought it would be awesome if I could somehow get people to start playing with footbags while incorporating it into my project. World Footbag made that possible. I wrote them a letter explaining my project and what I was doing. I asked if they could make any kind of donation to my cause. To my luck they did. I sold the footbags that were so generously donated by World Footbag, not only did I raise money for my project, but I was able to share my love for footbags with other people.

The money I raised from selling the footbags all went to buy books so every child that came to Dr. Seuss Day during all the nighttime activities and dinner we provided would receive a free book. Sadly we couldn’t get all Dr. Seuss books to give away. We did get quite a few though. The students and families were ecstatic about this simple gift. Once again thank you World Footbag for being a part of my senior project.

–Druw Martinez


Here are some photos from the event: