** Note: These are actual letters received from customers – cross our hearts. Except where permission was granted we have omitted full names and addresses in order to protect the innocent. Grammatical and spelling errors remain intact, in order to fully reflect the mental stability of the average footbag player – international and military customers not withstanding. We have ”bolded” our favorite parts for a quicker read.

I have a ton of footbags from the 1980′s and 1990′s but it was not until I bought a Steely 120  a couple weeks ago that I discovered how far the craft has come along.  I love the Steely 120 bag and am looking forward to trying the smaller Juice Elite, which should be fun for toe kicks.  These newer bags are really great in that they stall very well, yet have a satisfying bounce for consecutives.   In fact, maybe I can try to beat my old personal record set in 1995 of 2,000 consecutives using a Sipa-Sipa.  For some reason I stopped kicking many years ago and the obsession has lain dormant until now.  But I’m 66 and retired now and have recently caught the kicking bug all over again — and already feel 20 years younger.  Thank all of you for being there for the sport.

John – Beverly Hills, FL

I spoke with you a few days ago about wanting a footbag to use for physical therapy to help me recover from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my lower leg. You were wonderful about listening to my specific (and unique!) needs and advised me to choose the Cosmic Kicker, which I ordered in blue/white soccer.

It just arrived and I just did a five minute session of knee bounces on both legs with it (lower leg is still too afflicted to be doing much more than that right now) and it is EXACTLY what I needed! Not too firm or squishy, and not too slick a surface. Perfect texture and weight. I will be adding foot bag work into my therapy routine and I am hopeful it will prove to be beneficial.

Thanks again for being such an awesome adviser!


I got the lavers today and they are excellent. They blow my old skateboarding shoes out of the water. I found the info on modifying and lacing the shoe very helpful and the modifications were a breeze. I haven’t put my bag down since i got the shoes. Thank you very much.

Jeremy – Ashland, MA

Thank you so very much,
I would like to congratulate you on your swift responses on my mails and correct an quick handling of my order. As a dutchy I’m not quite used to the US way of doing business which means for me: treating clients like special individuals even if orders seem small. … I will be certain to recommend you to my friends and share this wonderful post-order experience with them. I wish you all best for the future.

Jan-Willem – The Netherlands

Hello (WFA) crew:
Thanks so much for the DVDs… I did not get a chance to watch them until recently, but they are FANTASTIC! So sweet, especially in slow motion with crystal clear perfection… thanks for helping our community out with such a super awesome video… you guys rule!

Sunil – San Francisco, CA

On behalf of the orphans who will be delighted to play with the foot bags, I thank you. May the Lord bless you this Christmas and throughout the coming year.

Frank – Altamont, NY

Thanks so much for my order. The 4 footbags arrived today and my Grandchildren were very pleased. Unfortunately one of them is already up a tree (the footbag, not the Grandchild), and so I will soon be visiting your site to order more! I appreciate your company sending them to me via Priority Mail. It is usually so expensive to purchase things from the mainland to Hawaii and I greatly appreciate your keeping my costs down. Thanks again for the great service and the great product!

Barbara – Hawaii

Greetings from Spain to every WFA staff!
Congratulations for the Tricks of the Trade 2 video. An instructive footbag video, astounding in contents, very well made and really spectacular. Good Job! Thank you so much also for the footbags I bought before Christmas time. They work so good!

Aaron – Madrid, SPAIN

Thank you very much, here in the UK we can not get footbags at all. This is the second time I have ordered from you as my last hammer sack has gone to the big footbag in the sky. I would just like to say thank you for supplying the best footbags about to us here in the UK. You are a true life saver to us hackie players here. Thank you!

Drew – United Kingdom

Just a quick mail to thank you for my order which I received today. I searched a lot of websites for those Rod Laver’s and a lot of sites never had my size in stock or didn’t ship to the UK so thank you for your brilliantly efficient service.

Regards, L J – United Kingdom

I bought my first ever sand hack from your site. The Sand Master. I love it, it’s with me everywhere I go and its done wonders for the stalling part of my game! If I had more money your company would make a lot of money off me ha ha ha luckily the sand master is holding up just fine.

Rico – Fontana, CA

Thank you very much for having a great on-line store. It was so easy. Just a few clicks of the mouse and I was done. The shipping is great too. It only took 3 days to arrive. Everywhere else I order from takes 10 days or longer.

Your favorite customer, Lee – Charles City, Iowa

I really appreciate your prompt reply. After hearing from you that the delivery was through Aus Post I found the package in the seldom used PO box we have at work. The package was in there. It had completely slipped my mind that we had a PO box. I’ve already had a cheeky hack in the storeroom and am loving both footbags I purchased. I will have a footbag in my pocket at all times from now on. I look forward to purchasing a few more things from your online store in the near future.

Shane – Australia

My beautiful Adidas arrived today. I was expecting the ugly green and white that is all I can get here. But the shoe fits like a glove and I suffer through the color. When I opened the pkg. I screamed with delight. Dark blue!!!!, So pretty, when my friends see these, they are going to love them. I think you may be getting more business through me but if not, you certainly got my business. The other thing I like about your company is a real live PERSON answers. Still kickin’, glad you are too!!

Pauline – San Francisco, CA

Hey, thanks a lot… honestly I wasn’t expecting a reply from you, because most companies I e-mail with questions don’t bother to reply back. Your opinion really helped me pick out a good footbag for myself.

Thanks again,
Grant – Lafayette, Colorado

I am so excited to get my order in the mail. In two months I will be leaving to serve a two year LDS mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and for the time I have left before I leave I don’t really have anything to do since I quite my job. So all I do is read and play Hacky, and sometimes take girls out on dates. I’m not that lame! Anyways thank you for the footbags and have a lovely day.

Just keepn’ it real,
Dane – Bountiful, Utah

Hi. It’s me, Bartosz from Poland.
I would like to thank you for your cooperation, because I have just received the shoes I had been waiting for. They are great (I have done a sole delay the first time I tried it and I had never done it before in other shoes), but I think I don’t need to recommend them to you. I am very happy that you have made my dream come true. …and may the foot-force be with you.

Bartosz – Poland

Dear WFA,
Hey i just wanted to tell u that im very statisfied with my product (sandbag foot bag). I got a recomendation from my cuz to try out the perfect hac, he said it would meet all my friends and my standerds and the footbag that all of us love is called sandbag. When i ordered it, a day later i got an email saying it’d be here in 3 to 5 bussinuss days. So every day i waited… around the 5th day this was it. School was out i ran home and got to my mail box. I ripped open the mail box door and……… only to realize that my mom had already brought the mail into the house… the suspence was killing me. I ran into the house swinging the door reclesly open alomst hitting my dog. I sprinted to the table only to see my dream hac, the one and only love, the fairy tale, the sand bag was sitting on the table. I grabbed it and teared open the package… like a wild animal. Like a starved kid who hadn’t eat in days just to find food. When i grabbed it was all over. It was oh so supple like rubbing boobs for the first time. I went in my basement and hacked all day. I didn’t eat and i went up stairs to bed at 1:00 in the morning. The next day i went to school and every one loved my hac. I’m extremely satisfied with it. I’m going to recomend this website to everyone i know. Thank u for reading my reply, my story, and my suggustion

Nikko (Age 14) – Buffalo Grove, Illinois

We just received our order!!! My kids are going crazy!!! This is when it feels great to be a mom! Thanks for the awesome stickers. They are so excited and everyone is oohing over my sons shoes. This is going to be the best spring break EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa – Sarasota, Florida

Wanted to let you know that the (Nike) ACG footbags arrived … on-time and that John at ACG is thrilled with the product! They look really good–love the blue and grey colors on which the logo shows up very well. The success was worth the time and effort. Kudos to all!

Thanks again for all your efforts. :-)
Amy Harrison
Corporate Responsibility Dev.
Nike, Inc.

Thanks for the info. Thanks for cheerfully changing my order. Thanks for the sale price. Maybe I shouldn’t admit it, but I’m going to use the shoes for what they were “originally” intended — tennis!

Ed – Los Angeles, CA

Hi Bruce, [Bruce Guettich, World Footbag President] Deb and I watched the video (Tricks of the Trade 2) last night. It’s first class! Well done, footbag is so lucky to have been guided by your standards and insight over the years. What you and Greg created back in the day is a statement of determination, steadfastness and drive. Hats off! The music was particularly smooth and engaging. The edits and set are really superb. I hope you feel you were properly acknowledged. Without your efforts and continued step by step progress over the years this footage would not have been possible. The cataloging of tricks makes them universal. Kenny is really an incredible person with so many talents it’s almost scary. One of those people who could do just about anything he put his mind to. So, thank you Bruce. For inspiring me in my business and in my life. I value your coaching and friendship immensely. I often find myself asking the question “what would Bruce do in this situation?” This new video sets the bar even higher for all of us who take part in the cultivation on teaching people the importance of play and striving for excellence in life.

Your friend and admirer,
Scott Cleere – San Luis Obispo, California

It’s Joakim from Finland. I wanted to thak you about the Rod Lavers, Sandmaster and Hammer footbags. These shoes are really supa supa shoes. As soon as I get more money I’ll order new pairs of these (due their comfortability I want to use these in my leisure time) and couple of bags also.

P.S. You guys are doing really good job!!!!!
Joakim – Finland

Well, I just got my brand new, neon white, bright and shiny Adidas Rod Laver tennis shoes and I love them. It’s always a gamble buying shoes in the mail since I cannot try them on and just have to hope for the best, like what happened a few years ago when I took possession of the ones made in Indonesia and found them to be as heavy as hiking boots. Nearly useless for kicking. These new ones, made in Vietnam are, in my opinion, even better than my ancient Chinese ones from 2007 that are falling apart, nearly scraped through the soles and down to the white liners. I don’t know what the exact difference is with the Vietnam ones since they all look about the same, but they feel lighter and the mesh fabric feels more “alive” and sensitive. So, thank you all very much for getting these shoes which, hopefully will last me another ten years, by which time I will be 80. That’s right, I’m 70 and still kicking — best exercise ever.

John – Beverly Hills, FL

Hey Guys
I just wanted to give you a call that my package arrived today. I´m soooo happy now, I just kicked the whole day long in my new lavers! You guys have some of the best service in this world… thanks… :-) … keep up this good work and I’ll look forward to my next order with you!

Best Wishes !
Marco – Germany

Got my Combo kit package today, awesome, love the bags (ordered an extra 32p dirtbag) and love the shoes. I couldn’t stop laughing at the movie too, I love the professionalism they portray. Something like a love child between Mr. Rogers and Cream, complete with close up of the foot insertion to the shoes. One thing missing though, go-go dancers. Thank you very much, that’s my fourth order through your company and minus a slightly too-loose panel on the sandhammer everything has been fan-freaking-tastic. I love your products. Patrick … to my mother, Ric … to my piers, Phweak to my bitches.

Eustis – FL

+++++++++++++ Military Correspondence +++++++++++++

I was so happy to find your website. Last night some of my soldiers and I were waiting out a mortar attack and began kicking around an inexpensive footbag. Talk about good times, most of us hadn’t done that since high school. After about an hour, and some very creative taping, we determined we would have to get a new footbag. The one we were using was part of an Morale Welfare and Recreation goodie bag one of the soldier received and I’m not too sure it wasn’t intended to be a stress ball rather than a footbag. To shorten this story, I found your website while searching the internet last night and was wondering if you ship to APO addressess? That is the only way we get mail in Iraq, so if not I will have to come up with another plan. Thanks again for giving me an option.

CPT McPherson – Balad, Iraq

Hi CPT McPherson,
Thanks for your note. It is very surreal to get a personal email from soldiers waiting out a mortar attack… and somehow enjoying themselves by kicking around a footbag. We do ship to APO addresses (all the time in fact). Thanks for doing what you and your soldiers are doing over there. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

World Footbag

Thanks for the information. I told my guys about your website and they are really excited about being able to order. Funny how something none of us has done since high school can make us feel a little closer to home. There will be at least 5 happier soldiers in the near future.

Thanks again,
CPT McPherson

My hemp hack finally wore a hole after 7 years, time to get a new one. You are shipping to Iraq, I am over here for Operation Iraqi Freedom… I have about 8 more months, so hacking is one of the best ways to pass the time. I have got a few of my friends interested as well. If you care to sponsor us and send a couple extras with some stickers or other promotional material, that would be really appreciated. We could take a picture for you of us hacking by something cool and Army-like and send it to you. Before it gets too warm, can you go up to the hot springs and sit there for me. I have a friend in Steamboat Springs.

SSG Kevin J. Koss – 55th MED CO. (CSC)

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the order and the awesome note. We definitely appreciate what you guys (and gals) are doing over there. We are going to throw in a couple extra SandMasters for you along with some other goodies. But we DEFINITELY want you to email us a couple of digital photos of a bunch of you guys kicking. The sooner you can send the photos the better! We’ll take a dip in the Hot Springs for you. Who’s your friend in Steamboat? (It’s a small town).

World Footbag

I will send the photos when the package arrives. I will try to find some cool backgrounds – tanks, helicopters, etc. Please don’t be discouraged if it takes a bit of time, most packages take a little over 2 weeks to get here… don’t think I forgot about this kind *jester*… you will receive pictures as soon as possible. My friends name is Natalie. I can’t remember her last name right now, I haven’t talked to her in several years. She is a nurse at a clinic on the edge of town, probably about 32 years old now. A medium build brunette that had a passion for ****** when I knew her… of course I probably described half the town there.

Take care and thanks again,
SSG Kevin J. Koss

We were having a hard time finding cool back drops for your pictures. In (this) one there is a three story guard tower right behind us… if you look closely you will notice two things. One the fence at the base of the guard tower is what separates us from the bad guys (well that fence and some serious weapons). Two, the guard that should be looking outside “the wire” for the bad guys is, in fact, looking at us instead – gives you an idea of how exciting sitting up in that tower is for 12 hours at a time. Hope you enjoy, I look forward to receiving my package in the mail soon.

Best Regards,
SSG Kevin J. Koss