Recorder Setter Footbag

The Record Setter Footbag


• Filler: plastic pellets
• Outer cover: cowhide leather
• Weight: 53 grams
• Diameter: 2.5 inches

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Product Description

World Footbag is pleased to announce the arrival of an awesome new footbag to our line up.  The Record Setter footbag is virtually identical to the custom made footbag that Guinness world record consecutive kicks champion Ted Martin used to rally off 63,326 non-stop kicks over the course of nearly nine hours!

The Record Setter is a hand stitched 62 panel footbag, made with soft but durable cowhide leather.  This old school beauty is filled with plastic pellets, and weighs in at 53 grams. Slightly larger than the average footbag with a diameter of 2.5 inches this footbag was manufactured under the direction of world record holder Ted Martin to match the design, size and feel of the actual footbag he used to set the world record.

Ted wholeheartedly endorses this footbag and hopes you will agree that this is one of the best footbags you have ever kicked!



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