RagBag Footbag

RagBag Footbag

$10 $8

• Filler: sand
• Outer cover: denim
• Weight: 70 grams
• Diameter: 2 inches

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Product Description

Ok. We know what you are thinking.  This is a pretty cool looking footbag.  And we tend to agree.  It’s got kind of a “home on the range” quality to it.  We can imagine a couple of cowboys (cowgirls) out on the prairie. Hanging in front of a campfire.  Still in cowboy boots.  Kicking this bad boy denim RagBag footbag.  Hoping it doesn’t land in the fire.
This is not your typical “soft” 8-panel, synthetic suede freestyle footbag.  This has just a bit more weight and rakish grit to it.   It’s a cool “kick in the circle” kind of bag.