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Cosmic Kicker (Hacky Sack) Footbag

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• Filler: metal/plastic
• Outer cover: synthetic suede
• Weight: 60 grams
• Diameter: 2.25 inches

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The “New and Improved” Cosmic Kicker (Hacky Sack) footbag is a 32 panel gem. This baby has the perfect mixture of metal and plastic pellets, all surrounded by soft synthetic suede. Fight the forces of gravity, keeping the Cosmic Kicker aloft as long as possible.

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1 review for Cosmic Kicker (Hacky Sack) Footbag

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have been playing hacky sack off and on since 1985. Our company hired someone last year who wanted to start some afternoon hack sessions so I re-visited to see what was available and came across the Cosmic Kicker in the “Sale” section. The combination of plastic and metal sounded like a good filler so bought it plus a few others. We started kicking last spring and tried perhaps 6 or 7 other models of footbags but kept coming back to the Cosmic Kicker for its great combination of weight, action, stall-ability, and durability. It is now the standard and we play 2-3 times per week with up to 6 people in the circle. Great way to end the day and everyone has at least one Cosmic Kicker to practice with. I have at least 6 new ones, ready to go. Two brand new ones had a missed stitch that World Footbag quickly replaced. We have yet to have one fail in use and we do a lot of ground starts. And it’s great to have a company like World Footbag promoting the sport.

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