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Camo Ammo Footbag

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• Filler: metal/rubber
• Outer cover: synthetic suede
• Weight: 80 grams
• Diameter: 2.25 inches

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The Camo Ammo utilizes a classic 14-panel design made famous by Flying
Clipper’s Tangent model.  A revolutionary filler material with an exacting
combination of ground rubber and steel pellets gives the Camo Ammo a fun
and lively feel for basic kicks, yet it’s soft enough to delay for
freestyle play.  The camouflaged outer cover fabric of this heavyweight,
80 gram footbag is tough as a tank, but may be a little difficult to find
with an errant kick in the back country when you’re on patrol.  We always hope that war is the absolute last resort for solving differences, but we back our military
troops 100% for the sometimes thankless job they accept on behalf of our
country.  World Footbag will award a veterans service organization  with a
financial contribution from the sale of every Camo Ammo sold.  Make your
contribution to our military by putting a Camo Ammo into your arsenal.

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Desert Storm, Dyne Ducknasty, Jungle Juice, Marine Machine, Night Ranger, Under Cover