When and how did footbag get started?
Oregon City, Oregon was the city, and 1972 the year that footbag founding fathers Mike Marshall and John Stalberger got the urge to juggle a small home-made bean bag with their feet. For the full story click here.

What is the difference between “footbag” and “Hacky Sack®”?
“Hacky Sack®” is a brand name footbag. “Footbag” is the name of the sport, and the name of the kicking object used in the sport. All Hacky Sacks® are footbags but not all footbags are Hacky Sacks®.

What are the official rules of footbag sports?
The four official footbag sports are: Footbag Freestyle, Footbag Net, Footbag Consecutive, and Footbag Golf. For the official rules of footbag sports go to: http://www.footbag.org/rules

Are there other (unofficial) footbag sports?
There are many, many unofficial footbag games. We have an ever-growing list which can be viewed at the bottom of our Footbag Sports page here. One of the most popular “unofficial” footbag games is footbag four-square. You can almost always find a footbag four-square game going on at footbag tournaments.

What are the world records in footbag?
Everyone wants to know what the record is for most consecutive kicks. Back in 1997 Ted Martin, from Des Plaines, Illinois was able to complete a rally of 63,326 kicks in 8 hours, 50 minutes and 42 seconds… and that was without a “potty” break! For a complete list of footbag world records go here.

What makes a footbag world record official?
We (the World Footbag Association) are the official sanctioning body for footbag world record attempts. We work in conjunction with the International Footbag Committee and Guinness World Records. If you are interested in making an attempt to break a footbag world record contact us at wfa@worldfootbag.com.

What is the best footbag?
Ahh, that is a very subjective question, but we get it a lot. Just as people are all unique and have different strengths and weaknesses, so too are footbags. What is “best” for one person may not be for another. We recommend you purchase one each of every style footbag we carry to insure that you find what is personally best for you… not falling for that? Check out our buyers guide here or call us at 800-878-8797 to get some help. We’re all very passionate about footbag and our products. Many of our staff compete at the world level.

Who is the greatest footbag player of all time?
Another subjective question? This time we have an answer. Kenny Shults. Ask any player. Kenny has dominated at every footbag discipline; footbag consecutive, footbag freestyle and footbag net. Over 40 world titles. Need we say more? Well yes we do. Kenny produced and stars in our best selling instructional video/DVD’s Tricks of the Trade 1 & 2. They can be found here. To learn more about the pioneers of our sport, visit the Footbag Hall of Fame here.

Where can I find out about tournaments and footbag clubs?
For that information and lots more go here.

What are the best shoes for footbag?
Easy. The Adidas Rod Laver tennis shoe. Go to a footbag tournament and it’s like being at an Adidas Rod Laver convention. Your shoes are your “paddles” for the sport of footbag. You need flat surface areas and a large, flat toe-box. You wouldn’t play tennis using a badminton racquet. Look at the shoes you are playing in. Are the soles beveled in? And you wonder why the footbag flies off them in all different directions. Get a pair of Lavers, and look like a pro, even if you don’t play like one… yet! Check them out here.

Can I get on your mailing list?
Sure. Just send an email to: wfa@worldfootbag.com with your name, preferred email address, mailing address and phone number and we will add you to our list.