[announce] 2014 IFPA World Footbag Championships July 26-August 3, in Paris, France!

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Hi footbag fans,

On behalf of IFPA’s Worlds Operating Committee, I’m pleased to announce that
the 2014 IFPA World Footbag Championships will be held July 26 - August 3,
2014, in Paris, France!

For 2014, we had three formal bidders, but the first two had to be rejected
for various reasons.

Eventually the RHN Footbag Club from Paris set up a formal bid, which was
voted in favor by IFPA Worlds Operating Committee.

You can find more detail about the new Worlds bidding process and the
players’ bill of rights at this link:


We all have to understand that an early decision of WOC about future
World Championships is strongly related to potential bidders.
It would be awesome to publish such a decision more than a year
in advance. But we depend entirely on clubs and organizers to
do the leg-work and provide much of the talent and volunteer
time to make the event viable.

So if your club is interested in hosting a future IFPA World Footbag
Championships, please inform us as soon as possible (details at
the link above). You don’t need to have a complete project plan — if
your club has potential and good will, that’s a good start!

In addition, IFPA has outlined a Players’ “Bill of Rights”, documenting the
rights that footbag athletes should have at the World Championships and
hopefully all other events.

This Bill of Rights guides the organizers and informs the priorities and
choices that are made in providing arrangements, venues, and schedules for
the week-long event.

Expect a separate email announcement soon soliciting bids for 2015.

We’re very excited to have Paris take the event for the first time this
summer. We have the utmost confidence in the team, including
Grischa and RNH Footbag, as well as other French players, clubs,
and organizers who will help make this year’s event “fantastique!”

Check out all details on the official event listing (more details
including a full Worlds website, will be coming over the next
weeks and months):


If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact the
IFPA Worlds Operating Committee at woc@ifpa.footbag.org.

We hope you all can make it!

Wiktor Debski
Worlds Operating Committee
IFPA Executive Director