[announce] 2014 Footbag Hall of Fame nomination process has begun!

To Footbag players, their families, and their fans,

The Footbag Hall of Fame Historical Society (http://www.footbag.org/hof) is
pleased to announce that the 2014 Footbag Hall of Fame nomination process
starts today  February 18, 2014 and ends March 31, 2014, so please think
about who you believe should be nominated and submit your nomination by
going to the nomination form which can be found on the two forum pages or at
the bottom of the Hof page, at the following link.
(http://www.footbag.org/hof). The forums will show who has already been
nominated and their testimonies, so if you want to support an existing
nomination, then we ask that you go to the nomination form and write your
support there as well as on the forums.

The criteria for these nominations and induction to the Hall of Fame is
located here:


The footbag.org forum is here:

The Modified.In forum link is here:

Thanks in advance to all of the footbag community for your continued
enthusiastic support of the Footbag Hall of Fame by participating in this
years upcoming nominations process.

Tim Vozar, Chairman Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations Committee